Terms of Service

This is the Terms of Service for Fursuit work by SimpleNick’s LLC. These policies are for both custom and premade work unless stated otherwise. Please take time to read this in full if you are interested in working with us. All Agreements made electronically are binding.

-Nick Updated 04/11/23


We are available for Business only contact on Telegram @Simplenicks, Instagram @Simple_Nicks and Heysimplenicks@gmail.com. We are generally available Monday - Saturday between 8am-8pm. We are unavailable outside of these hours and on Sundays.  We will respond within 48 hours, and if a response is not given please feel free to follow up!

Our queue is updated on our Trello. We update this monthly with convention dates, and when suits are to be worked on. 

Denial of Service

SimpleNick’s LLC retains the right to deny service for any reason. (see unexpected cancelation) 

This can include but isn’t limited to:

  • Offensive behavior (transphobia, homophobia, and bigotry towards minority and oppressed groups)
  • Unreasonable, rude or threatening behavior. 
  • You support Pedophillia or Zoophilia. 

If we become made aware of unsavory behavior and actions of a customer, we reserve the right to deny service at any time.  The Ideals and morals of SimpleNick’s does not reflect the opinions of our customers and likewise our company is not reflected by those who purchase our suits. We do our best to vet our customers and affiliations but may only become aware of things after the fact. We disavow any behavior that goes against our morals portrayed by those who own our products.

Slot Availability

There are 2 types of commissions we accept. 

 1. Fursuit adopts. These open In July and December of each year where we post concept art for projects we would like to do that are in need of buyers. These are generally first come and require only a $500 downpayment to lock into queue. Each are posted with build parameters and parts of the designs that we are willing to change or add like markings. So while these are fursuit adopts, they are still able to be individualized. We use these as ways to put more unique species into the world, and show what species we are excited to make that people may not have even considered beforehand!

2. General Commissions. 

These are the most standard type of commission most makers use, but we seldom open. Head only commissions usually take priority, as out queue is often full. To apply for a slot, you must have a quote on file with us. They are valid for 6 months and cost $5. If accepted, we will generally make a concept art of your character to be approved with materials we have in mind to make your suit.

Construction and Updates

The expected completion date is 6 weeks from the initial down payment for most pieces. If any extensions are needed the buyer will be contacted Updates are given via direct message to the customer, we post updates publicly at our discretion. 

Quality Disclaimer

Age Restrictions

All buyers must be +18. If below that age a legal guardian or parent must purchase the item with an account and proof of age. I reserve the right at any point to ask for proof of age.  

Payment Plans

Starting January 2023 all fursuits require a $500 downpayment. This is deducted from the total of the final cost. After 30 days 50% of the downpayment is nonrefundable, after 90 days 100% is non refundable. Paying off the suit faster is a personal decision many customers make, but is not necessary and does not quicken the speed that your commission is completed.  Because of how far in advance we take on customers, many are afford the option to pay off their suit in very small increments before construction even begins, which is often ideal for them. In this case, payment amounts can be lessened.


Example payment plan: $2000 Fursuit purchased on Jan 1st, build dates from Mar 1st - April 15th.

Jan 1st - $500 Downpayment  fursuit is added to queue.

Mar 1st - $375 Payment fursuit construction begins.

Mar 15th - $375 Payment

April 1st - $375 Payment

April 15th - $375 Payment Suit is paid off and shipped.


Missed Payments

2 or more missed payments are considered grounds for buyer cancelation. Any payments beyond the down will be refunded and the buyer may be blacklisted at our discretion. (see blacklist)


The product will only be shipped following its completion and the full cash amount of the invoice being received. The carrier is USPS mail and the tracking information is available once it has shipped through paypal invoice system. We are not liable for damaged items or lost packages.

  • Shipping insurance and Customs Fees Starting March 2023, all customers are required to pay insurance for fursuit shipping. This can range between $30 and $150 depending on destination and cost of suit. Furthermore, customs on international orders can be upwards of $500 to insure your package. This is a mandatory fee to protect the buyers against lost or damaged packages that go internationally. The cost of insurance and customs fees will be included and categorized in your quote. 


If there are any issues you can send it back to us for repairs. The buyer has 30 days from the arrival date to discuss any inaccuracies, holes, popped seams or anything they consider wrong with the product. From then the buyer and maker will discuss potential options and remediation such as repairs with round trip shipping covered.

  • Simple nicks is not responsible for any damage incurred by the customer to their suit.
  • Modifying your suit may void this warranty. Please ask us before making modifications.
  • Selling a suit to a third party will void this warranty.

We do suggest that the customer become familiar with sewing. Over time suits will inevitably need minor repairs as they are worn. Seam repair and proper cleaning is an essential part of suit ownership. 

Allergen warning 

This product is made in a cat and dog friendly house. While animals are not allowed in the workspace, dander may be present. Please keep this in mind if there are allergies to discuss potential options or cancellations.

Unexpected cancelations

If the buyer cancels the commission, they will be refunded the full amount minus the Downpayment (see Downpayment). If the maker (Simplenick)  has to cancel for any reason, the buyer will be refunded the full amount including the full downpayment. Depending on the length of time and amount of progress on the commission, a blacklist may be considered upon our discretion (see blacklist)


 Attempted Unwarranted chargebacks are considered immediate termination of the commission and the buyer will receive the full amount minus the downpayment and reserve At the seller’s discretion the buyer may be blacklisted.


A customer can be placed on a private blacklist for any number of reasons stated within this Terms of Service. Blacklist generally means that you are barred from purchasing with a payment plan on custom or premade items. Thus, any item purchased must be paid in one full payment through Square only.

Depending on severity, however, this can also mean you are completely barred from any fursuit purchases from SimpleNick’s moving forward. 


Prices are a reflection of this maker’s years of experience & skill making suits, current inflation rates, cost of materials, cost of living, gas, and taxes that come out of each suit. It's asked that commissioners respect the maker’s ability to be paid a livable wage. 

For the purpose of this TOS, down payment and deposit are synonymous. 

Submission of the down payment is proof that the buyer has read and agreed to these terms.