About Us!

Nick - SimpleNick

That's me! I'm nonbinary, black & sapphic. I've been doing Furry YouTube for a few years and built this company in all that time. I'm incredible proud of my crew and the projects we have planned together!

I just want to make amazing things that make people happy and inspires others. I'm working hard every day to make my dreams a reality and have the fandom to thank for that.

Tony - Print King LLC

Tony is the big boss behind all our prints from shirts to 3D printing. He offers manufacturing services through this site & his while learning about the fandom more every day! He is a huge advocate for sustainable, US made products and is happy to make long-lasting, quality creations. 

Ashley - Desert Zebra Design

Ashley is our amazing tie-dye artist. She is a disabled artist raising awareness of Ehlers-danlos syndrome, a muscle deteriorating disease with its mascot, the zebra.  Anything from shirts to tablecloths Ashley makes beautiful customs for individuals and bulk orders and wants to show beautiful work made with her own hands.

Jaime (Eggs) - Simple Nick's LLC

Part of the team Jaime is an essential help to the creation of fursuits and shirts. Serving as both a liaison and support system for all members of our team. 

Mission Statement:

Simplenick's LLC focuses on quality before everything else. Our prices reflect a multitude of things we pride ourselves in. All our shirts are Bella + Canvas sustainable cotton shirts, and all our products are made in shop or Local. Every piece is a combination of 3 artist's hard work printed on anything from shirts and bags to glass and sketchbooks!