Fursuit Pricing

Heads +1500

Price varies on complexity.  Our heads are on 3d printed bases with upholstery foam, thermal plastic and Eva foam as needed. We are proficient in a variety of materials for the best possible effect as all characters are unique to us.

Eyes are sublimated for water resistance. Heads are lined with neoprene and USB fans are removable. The neck of the suits has a pocket for either your fan power bank or small items you want to keep close. 

Heads are one size fit most but can be fitted for glasses and or smaller heads, or made aestetically larger for those interested in fullsuiting.

  • Every suit includes:

    Usb fan (can be removable)​

    Neoprene lining

    Fresh linen fursuit disinfectant

    Washing instructions & Materials list

    3D printed headbase

    Water resistant sublimated eyes

  • Optional Add-Ons:

    Horns, Antlers, etc. (varied material)

    Accessories (flower crowns, collars, etc.)

    Magnetic eyelids/brows


    Silicone Nose

Handpaws +350USD

Our paws are neoprene lighted for comfort and are machine washable if they do not have 3d printed claws. 

We offer claws for all species and will make new patterns for species we may not have made yet.

Basic paws come with mochi minky paw or neoprene pads and 2 fur colors.

[Wash instructions coming soon]

  • Styles offered:

    • 4 finger (standard puffy paw)
    • Reptile style 
    • Bird style (experimental, contact for details)
    • Insect (experimental, contact for details)
    • Hooves (clicky-clacky or plush)

    Material Types:

    • Faux fur 
    • Neoprene
    • Mochi Minky
    • Minky
    •  Vinyl 
    • Aluminum scaling (experimental)
  • Optional Add Ons:

    • Extra large claws (+3 inches): These are typically reinforced PLA with notches for control over your large claws.
    • Unique Paws pads: we can create unique paw pad shapes within reason depending on the style and size of paws.
    • Fabric claws: We normally make 3D printed claws, we like the look and shine, but we can easily make fabric ones!


Our tails start at for 12in tails and go up with complexity.  For reference 30'' is average leg length. Price wise, a good rule of thumb is every +12 inches (30cm) adds 100USD to the base price.

Nub tails have a strap for belts to go through, larger tails have hidden belt loops.

[Wash instructions coming soon]

  • Sizes:

    Nub - 12'' 

     Medium - 24'' 

     Large - 36'' 

    Extra large - 48'' 

    Monster - 60'' $500+

    We offer tails of any species including mechanical look, insect and fish.

  • Optional Add-ons:

    • Meat backing (med + up)
    • Hidden Belt hole
    • Spikes
    • Embedded flowers
    • Magnetic props


We have a commitment to unique species and want to stress that we would not choose a character we didn't think we could do justice. We want to give armadillos shells and Birds wings. If you have a Cerberus character with 3 heads or a giraffe with an extend neck and exchangeable neck options, we will work tirelessly to make it possible! 

Quotes will be given accordingly. Partials w/ special made structures like multiple heads and long necks generally start at 2.5k. things like wings and insect backpacks vary depending on size and material. Shells can have storage compartment as backpacks.

  • Special made Accessories/plushes
  • Shells (insect, crustacean, etc)
  • Species Specific traits (udder fanny pack, multiple arms, mouth vision)
  • Wings (bird, insect, bat, dragon, etc)
  • Multiple Heads (othrus, Cerberus, conjoined)
  • Extended necks (vision thorough mesh. exchangeable necks)
  • LED components (glowing claws, eyes, etc.)